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Behavioral Health and Technology

Department of Psychiatry and Neurobehavioral Sciences

Copyright Disclosures, um, disclosed…

December 1, 2011

Drs. Ritterband and Thorndike have finalized copyright disclosures with the University of Virginia Patent Foundation for three works this year, including:

- 03/25/2010 - Ritterband-SHUTi:  "Sleep Healthy Using the Internet"
- 03/25/2010 - Ritterband-Encopresis:  "UCP2"
- 11/29/2010 - Ritterband-Platform:  "Research Infrastructure Containing E-Interventions (RICE)"    

SHUTi is an Internet intervention for adults with insomnia; UCP2 (UCanPoopToo) is an Internet intervention for children with pediatric encopresis.  Both have been evaluated in a number of clinical trials with published findings and excellent outcomes.  More information about both of these interventions can be found on this BHT website.  RICE is the platform on which all BHT’s new Internet interventions are now built.  This platform is a robust program and study management system that provides a framework for the interventions as well as a hub for overseeing all clinical trials.  RICE is composed of a number of online tools to significantly improve the speed and reduce the cost of developing and delivering Internet interventions.  RICE is part of a larger structural plan developed at BHT for creating online programs.  This plan is outlined in our COD, or Central Overview Document, and includes the TOFU (The Overarching Framework Update), SAKE (System Assets and Key Elements), MAKI (Measures/Assessment Key for Intervention), and ROLL (Research Operations Lowdown and Logistics).  If you’re now feeling hungry, go to your closest sushi bar.

SHUTi, U-Can-Poop-Too, and RICE (re-branded as BeStudy Manager), have been licensed by a new start-up, BeHealth SolutionsBeHealth has now made U-Can-Poop-Too commercially available and is working to bring SHUTi to market first via sleep centers.