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Behavioral Health and Technology

Department of Psychiatry and Neurobehavioral Sciences


April 30, 2011

BHT had six, yes SIX!, presentations at the 2011 Society of Behavioral Medicine's 32nd Annual Meeting and Scientific Sessions held in Washington, DC.  Each presentation and poster was first authored by a different member of the BHT team.  Sam Edington, a research assistant at BHT since the fall of 2009, presented a poster titled, “Treating insomnia in cancer survivors through hypnosis recordings available on the web.”  Michelle Hilgart, BHT’s resident instructional designer, had a poster titled “Incorporating instructional design process into the development of Internet interventions.”  Sim Singh, a post-doctoral fellow, had a poster titled “Using the Internet to assess and reduce risk of hypoglycemia-related driving mishaps in people with Type 1 diabetes.”  Ali Esfandiari, a former fellow now at the VA in DC, had a poster titled “Cognitive performance of adults with primary insomnia.”  As part of a symposium, Dr. Thorndike gave a talk on “Using the Internet to provide insomnia treatment for cancer survivors.”  Finally, Dr. Ritterband was the chair and discussant of a symposium focused on “Behaviorally-based Internet interventions for pediatric populations.”  Presenters included Deb Tate, from the University of North Carolina Public Health; Jen Stinson, from the Chronic Pain Program at The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto; and Shari Wade, from the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine.


In addition to all the presentations by individuals of BHT, Dr. Ritterband was awarded fellow status at SBM!